How an Entrepreneur Can Use Self-Care to Function Better in Everyday Life?

Are you an entrepreneur or freelancer? You are probably working really hard to make the most of your business. This can mean really long days, stress, and not much time to recharge. You might think if you don’t work constantly your business won’t get ahead. However, if you don’t take care of yourself, you will be functioning poorly and not doing your best work. It is very important to find a work-life balance. So what should you be doing?

  1. Enjoy time off. You need to have at least one day off a week. And you need to be fitting some rest into your schedule. You can’t just work continually and never stop.
  2. Take naps. Sleep is not the enemy. It helps you recharge and be at your best. Make sure you have a good mattress for restful sleep.
  3. And not just about business, for pleasure too. It will keep your brain sharp.
  4. Take mental health days, when you need them. It happens and is necessary.
  5. Have a Netflix marathon, which is always enjoyable. Something light and funny always helps relax you and put you in a good mood.
  6. Listen to music. Even while getting work done, listen to something in the background. You might laugh but new age music is good for this. Think Enya.
  7. Go for a drive. Sometimes you will get an “aha” moment while driving. This could be good for your business!
  8. Listen to an awesome podcast. You might learn something new, either for business or personal growth.
  9. Go to the gym. Make sure you stay in shape. You might spend a lot of time sitting and this can make it easy to gain weight. Try to eat healthy, too.
  10. Do chores. Not the most fun thing to do, but a dirty house is not conducive to learning, growth, and ultimately business success. If you really can’t do them and can afford it, pay someone to clean for you.
  11. Find a way to enjoy things you have to do. If you can’t, outsource them. Then you don’t even really have to think about the trivial stuff anymore.
  12. Spend time with family. Do not neglect this area of your life. Family is important. Get rid of distractions that take away from this.
  13. Utilize your support network. Communication is key. If you are stressed out, talk about it. Even consider getting a therapist. It doesn’t make you “crazy” (such an awful word), anyone can benefit from therapy.

With these tips, you’ll be taking better care of yourself. This translates to better business and ultimately more money. Work-life balance can be hard, but it’s important to take care of yourself. It is easy when you are passionate about your business it’s easy to work long hours and get sucked into working all the time. But really most of us became entrepreneurs to have more freedom and time. So it is necessary to remember why you got into business in the first place, and take care of yourself.


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