How to Get Paid More as a Freelancer?

Are you looking to increase your freelance rates? Have you heard you can make money by freelancing? You may have some freelance business ideas but you aren’t sure how to increase your income. There are steps you can take to make more money freelancing.

  1. Set up an office. Instead of treating freelancing as a hobby, treat it as a job. Take breaks, but don’t constantly make trips to the kitchen. Set work hours. Don’t have family and friends coming over unannounced. Take freelancing seriously and you will make more money.
  2. Put in more time. You’ll want to put in more hours starting out to make money. It takes time to set up profiles and apply to gigs on sites. If you already have clients, then you’ll be spending most of your time meeting deadlines and their individual needs.
  3. Join more freelancing sites. There are several to choose from. You can also get email updates from sites like Problogger. You should be pitching daily if you can, at least every other day. Don’t get comfortable. You could lose clients at any time, at no fault of your own.
  4. Carry electronics with you everywhere. Keep a phone or tablet with you so you can respond to inquiries quickly. People won’t want to wait till the end of the day. You have to be ready to answer any communication immediately.
  5. Meet deadlines. Life happens, but you need to try to meet deadlines so you get good feedback and a good reputation. The individual that hired you is counting on your work. Take it seriously or you won’t last long as a freelancer.
  6. Use social media. You can gain clients on social media if you post that you are for hire and use appropriate hashtags. Don’t waste time with a personal profile if you can help it. Focus on your business.
  7. Don’t put your eggs in one basket, and save money when it’s coming in. The freelance marketplace can be feast or famine at times. Be ready for that.

With these steps, you will earn more money freelancing. You’ll put out better work and score clients from word of mouth. You’ll be able to have more time to yourself and family. After all, isn’t that what freelancing is about? You’ll soon be creating an empire with your freelance business.


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