The Gig Economy is Getting Rid of the Office!

Studies show that most full-time employees are not engaged at work. Within the gig economy, there is much less focus on attendance and the 8 hours (or more) work day. The freelance worker can generate ideas from anywhere, at home, or even while running errands. The gig economy focuses more on the results the freelance worker provides. This gives the individual a lot more freedom to do what they want in life. They also can be a lot more passionate about what they are doing. You get to chase your own dreams when going into business for yourself.

For companies, office space can cost as much at $12,000 per month. That’s very expensive and you would want to get the most for you money. In truth, workers spend a lot of time at the office not even working. Independent workers and cheaper and much more motivated to increase their portfolio and get good reviews. There is less overhead with freelancers than with a traditional full-time employee.

For freelancers, it makes the most sense to work at home doing what they love. They don’t have to commute and they don’t necessarily even have to deal with many people outside of those they contract with. There is no office drama. You don’t really have to worry about sick days. There is a lot more freedom and they can do what they want when they want. Working remotely from home is ideal for them.

It seems clear that freelancing is ideal versus a full-time job. There are many platforms where a freelancer can search for clients. Many companies are finding it is cheaper to hire freelancers instead of full-time employees. You may prefer looking for great work rather than a great job, as they are disappearing. Most freelancers have no desire to return to full-time work once they leave it behind, and with good reason. For a freelancer, it is easy to use gig websites or even set up their own website to find their ideal client. Once someone starts freelancing they may never want to return to the office again.


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