Why a Freelancer Needs a Website?

Are you unhappy at your current job? Maybe you heard about freelancing and want to give it a try. Freelancing has given a lot of people freedom to do what they love. You can escape the dread of your 9 to 5. There is no income ceiling, so you can make more money. Or perhaps you’ve had a side gig for awhile, you have good feedback on freelancing sites. You are getting to the point where you really know what you are doing but would like to grow. Either way, you are wondering if you should have your own website for your small business. But you might be seeing some issues with taking the leap.

  1. Websites cost money and you aren’t sure if you want the added expense. Setting up a website can cost thousands of dollars, but there are ways to do it yourself. You can do research online.
  2. Isn’t it complicated to set up a website? There are certain hosting plants that can have a nice look to them are aren’t necessarily as complicated as WordPress can be. If you aren’t a designer, make sure you look into this for a great website that is less complicated.
  3. What type of design should I choose? A design can be expensive, but some or free or at little cost and can get the job done.
  4. What domain should I choose? This can be a hard thing to decide. If you aren’t sure, most people just use their name.
  5. I have other ways of finding work. You might already have clients, but you can possibly find your dream clients by having a website. This lets people learn more about you, what you offer, and maybe even what you charge.

So why should you get a website? You’ll be building your brand, which is crucial in the gig economy and growing your freelance business. Prospects will know more about the services you offer which can encourage them to buy. You own your content, which isn’t the case on a lot of free platforms. Really, you need your own website, especially if your main gig is something like freelance writing. Most people like to at least reference a blog before hiring someone. It shows off the freelancers skills quite nicely.


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