What You Need to Know About Freelancing

Are you curious about freelancing? You may want to know what it takes to be a successful freelancer. There are definitely benefits to leaving the 9 to 5 world behind. But you may just want to explore what it is about before you take that leap. The following is a freelancing guide. More knowledge will lead you to success.

  1. Don’t call me a freelancer. A lot of freelancers prefer to be referred to as business owners. “Freelancing” once meant you were underemployed or barely employed at all. That is not what it means today. A lot of people are still surprised that it is possible to make money from home and not only make ends meet but thrive as a freelancer. Some people might have doubts. Prove them wrong.


  1. We do it by choice. In 2015, a global survey reported that 60 percent started freelancing by choice. We take risks but we love freedom. There are many benefits from leaving your 9 to 5. It can still be stressful but there is no income ceiling and many are traveling while they work.


  1. Not all are creative. Sure there are copywriters and artists, but that doesn’t account for everyone. Some freelancers are accountants and IT professionals. There is a freelance track for everyone if you really think about it and put in the work.


  1. We share on social media platforms. A Contently survey results concur with this, as 65 percent reported using their social media profiles regularly. It is a way for us to build a platform and get work. You can definitely score clients on social media. It is a great resource for freelancers.


  1. We enjoy pitching and marketing. Unfortunately, we can’t always just do our work. We have to market ourselves to get jobs. This includes networking, advertising, and social media marketing. You become skilled in many things as a freelancer. You have to, or you won’t get any work. Be ready to put in the work.


  1. We usually have many marketable talents. You may not be experienced at a masters level at everything you do, but the more you can do the better. Some like to specialize but others prefer to mix it up to avoid burnout. You can do various gigs instead of one full time job to keep yourself from getting bored.


  1. We go after the money. Instead of taking low-paying gigs, you should market yourself to your ideal clients. Taking too much work at a low rate will eventually make you burn out, or you’ll just be very broke. Either way, it is not ideal. Go for the money, and pitch high paying gigs. If you have to work below your normal pay, see if you can go above and beyond (once) and negotiate for a better rate if it becomes an ongoing gig.


  1. Some have large incomes. There’s no ceiling with what you can earn by freelancing, which is why a lot of people do it. There are many freelancers making six figure salaries. Why settle when you can be successful? It won’t happen overnight, but there are definitely entrepreneurs who are making a lot of money freelancing, and you can as well.

Now that you have a better idea about freelancing, you can think about how you can do it as well. You have probably learned skills in previous or current employment, or have interests and creative skills that you can use to start a side gig. You should do your research and see what you can do to start a side hustle and become a successful freelancer.


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