What You Wish Your Boss at Your Crappy 9-5 Was Doing!

It’s Sunday night. That’s when the dread sets in. Like an elephant sitting on your chest. The weight of the world on your shoulders. You’re coming up on another Monday. Another day at the job you can’t stand. Maybe you’ve been there for years and think you can’t afford to quit. Maybe you never applied yourself in school and took something entry level that just isn’t for you. Maybe you think getting fired is on the horizon and you are scared about what will happen next. Whatever your situation, let’s take a moment to dwell on what your boss isn’t doing at your 9-5:

  1. Ask how you are doing. Wouldn’t it be nice if they even pretended to care? Maybe you even try to be friendly but get no response.
  2. Help navigate your career path. Where exactly is this job taking you? Probably nowhere fast. What a downer.
  3. Encourage creative pursuits. Do they know anything about what you enjoy outside of work? Do you have time for your hobbies at all? What were they again?
  4. Give straight feedback. Maybe your boss is a jerk but do you even know what you’ve been doing “wrong”? Are you doing anything wrong? Are you even sure? Probably not.
  5. Maybe you have spoken up, but were you heard? In one ear and out the other. Nothing has changed.
  6. Give you a job well done. You hear about the negative but never the positive. It would be nice to get some good feedback just once. Or maybe all the time. Yeah, that’d be great.
  7. Mentor and coach. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a leader guiding you? What are your next steps? Can you ever expect a promotion?
  8. Maybe a good boss would help you learn. You might enjoy training if you felt it would actually benefit you. Maybe you would apply yourself.
  9. Lead by example. A crappy boss is not a leader. They just yell at people and sit in the office.
  10. Comfortable with flex schedules. Wouldn’t it be nice to work from home? Make a doctor’s appointment without the hassle? What if you kid gets sick, can you call out without recourse?

If you related to this list you may have a crappy 9-5. But don’t worry, you can escape it if you have drive and persistence to make it happen. You can use your skills to freelance. The gig economy is growing every day. You can be your own boss on a path to success and love every minute of it. If you aren’t sure what skills you have, there are many that you can try and build up a portfolio. One good example is freelance writing. Set up a website and write up your best samples and start marketing yourself. Research online some tricks of the trade. Soon, you’ll be able to escape that awful 9-5 and get rid of that lousy boss for good.


You Should Stop Trying to Land a Great Job, and Do This Instead!

Are you thinking about going back to school for either a Bachelor’s degree or an MBA? You may be wondering if a degree would make you stand out in the workforce and prepare you for a great traditional role at a large company. It used to be that you could get a Bachelor’s degree and immediately land a job. But now even those with Master’s degrees are having trouble becoming a full time employee. Unfortunately, education can only take you so far at this point. When dealing with a large amount of student loan debt, that is not great news. This is for several reasons.


  1. Full time jobs are disappearing. Growth is stagnant and there is not the financial security there once was. Companies are now looking for ways to outsource work.
  2. There is a decline in job growth. The economy has only recovered so much from 2008.
  3. Full time employees are a company’s last resort. Most companies are starting to avoid them. They use business models that can help them hire as little people as possible. They are the most expensive and least flexible source of labor. It costs 30 to 40 percent more to hire a full time employee than an independent worker.
  4. Traditional work does not work for most Americans. 30% of Americans do some form of independent work. Nearly 70 percent of full time workers are not engaged at their jobs, while another study found that 74 percent of freelancers had no intention of returning to the regular work force. These numbers are hard to ignore.


So what is the solution? Prepare to be an independent worker in the gig economy. Start looking for great work, and stop looking for a job. MBA programs have been very slow to adapt to this and still are geared towards traditional employment and full time work. They don’t strive to create a diverse portfolio of gigs but instead opt for internships in traditional employment for one company. A freelance MBA should be the way of the future, preparing students to enter the nontraditional workforce.


Freelancing can let you work on things you are passionate about and outsource the things you don’t like doing. You can go in business for yourself, instead of working toward someone else’s dream. You can choose your own hours. You can make doctor’s appointments and take care of family. There is a lot of freedom that comes with freelancing that you simply can’t get from traditional employment. This is why many Americans are choosing to go freelance instead of working full time for a company, if they can even get hired. It’s time to look into freelancing, as it may be the best option for you.