An Entrepreneur’s Bucket List: Things You Must Do Before 30

Are you an entrepreneur? You may be really busy putting your all into your business to get it off the ground. However, you need to make sure that you don’t just work through your twenties. There’s a lot of things that you should do while you are young to set yourself up for the future. There’s also things that you can only really do while young, while fit, and possibly before getting married and starting a family. Here is a to-do list of things to do before 30.

  1. Get an education. After 30 it can be hard to go back to school. You’ll probably have to work hard while doing so and have family commitments you don’t have now.
  2. Learn how to cook. Cooking is not only healthier but also generally saves you money. Check out recipes online and start learning what you like.
  3. Learn about your family. Especially grandparents if they are still alive. Hear their stories. They won’t be around forever.
  4. Get in shape. If you start an exercise regimen now it will be more likely to last a lifetime. You will live longer and have a more active lifestyle.
  5. Save money. It may seem a little early to think about retirement, but the little bit you invest now will grow to very large amounts by the time you retire. Put some away, even a very small amount like $25 a week.
  6. Nurture your friendships. As you grow older you will probably only have a handful of lasting friendships. Make sure you have a give and take with the people you care about.
  7. Follow your passion in the workforce. If you are already an entrepreneur, great, but if not get started.
  8. Find your cause. What do you care about? Consider volunteering. Make the world a better place.
  9. Learn to write well. Writing is a skill that will improve your ability to communicate and can also make you money.
  10. Read frequently. Reading keeps you sharp. You can also continue to learn about the things you are passionate about.
  11. Get organized. You’ll thank yourself later. Being messy is not the best way to operate.
  12. Fall and pick yourself back up. Sometimes you fail and it hurts but you need to learn to accept that it happens sometimes and you get back up and move on.
  13. Network with professionals. Learn how to network both in person and online. Figure out LinkedIn and contact people in your line of work. Learn how to cold email.
  14. When you are older and things start to hurt, you won’t be climbing mountains. Do it now.
  15. Get out of debt. Try as hard as you can to pay your college debt down. The sooner you do the sooner you have financial freedom.
  16. Brand yourself. Be on social media and consistent on all channels. Every entrepreneur needs a platform. Create yours.

There are definitely things that you can do to make your twenties memorable. The best thing to do is start now. Don’t wait. Ten years may seem like a long time but it will fly by, especially if you are already in business or in school. Try to take time for you as you only live once. You will be more successful and get more out of your relationships if you work on yourself first. Enjoy these tips of things to do before 30.


You Can Start These Freelance Businesses For FREE Right Now

Have you heard anything about freelancing? Some people are excited to start a freelance business as soon as they learn what is possible. You could be making money doing what you love instead of working that 9 to 5 and dealing with a crappy boss. You might be scared to take that leap though or not have a whole bunch of money to get started. That’s okay because there are businesses you can start right now for free. You’ll have more freedom doing the following in the gig economy.

  1. Social Media: With social media marketing, you can teach companies how to use social media to get clients as well as retain their current customers.
  2. Blogging: There is so much you can do with blogging. All you need to decide is which platform to use and what your topic will be. You’ll want to niche down so your message is targeted at your ideal customer.
  3. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the key to getting content discovered on the web. You can master this for your own sites and also use those skills to help companies with their sites.
  4. Teaching: There are online teaching jobs that you can do remotely if you have a degree.
  5. Copywriting: If you have a way with words, you may want to consider copywriting. Businesses pay a lot of money to someone who can craft words in a way that sells their product or service.
  6. Ghost Writing: There’s a lot of people out there who have something to say but don’t have the time or skills to write it themselves, that’s where you come in.
  7. Magazine Article Writing: There are lists all over the internet of magazines that accept submissions.
  8. Grant Writing: Maybe you’d like to help a nonprofit. Consider grant writing.
  9. College Admission Essay Writing: There is students with big dreams of ivy league that are willing to pay someone to write their essays.
  10. Editing: There is constantly new content being created every day, and it needs to be edited. This can be big business with big profits for you.
  11. Online Research: Are you great with Google? You might find solo employment as a researcher.
  12. Translation: There are many companies and gigs that need someone who is bilingual. Put that skill to use.
  13. Legal
  14. Graphic Design: If you are artistic and tech savvy then graphic design might be for you. Help create logos and design brands.
  15. Photography: There are many ways of selling photos online. If you have artistic skills with photography, even with just an iPhone, you can make money.
  16. Wedding Photography: People pay top dollar for wedding photos.
  17. Photo Editing: All those photos being taken need editing. Not everyone is good at that. If you are, it could be quite lucrative.
  18. Virtual Assistant: There are a lot of successful VAs behind thriving online businesses. You could be who an entrepreneur relies on.

You might also be able to find jobs on the best freelancing websites out there. If you do a bit of research you find that there are many to choose from, but some will be better for workers wanting to start freelancing. Freelance writing is a common path. You’ll have to consider the skills you already have as well as ones you are willing to invest in and learn. You may not necessarily have to have secondary education, but you may want to do an online course.